A Bus and a Red Bow-tie

Man’s best friend?  

Bow ties?! Yes, I say bow ties!

Recently I made my first atempt to pull of wearing a bowtie.  Having never even worn one before i was a little anxious not to be awkward about my latest addition to my attire.

I was on a trip to DC. Being from Indiana that means a VERY long drive. So early on in the trip I decided I would meet the people around me to make the trip less tiresome.

Feeling a more then a bit more then nervous, I started with the young lady sitting behind me.

“Hi!” I said.  “My name is Murphy.”

“Hello, Murphy, my name is Emily.  By the way, I really like your bow tie!”  She replied.

i instantly know i’d made the right choice.


I am now ,just a couple weeks later on, in some of the most interesting  friendships with the people on that bus.

Especially with Emily, who broke the ice and helped me appreciate the wonders of standing out.

Here are a couple reasons to wear a bow tie:
 1. Bow ties scream confidence and individuality. They attract attention! even if people don’t remember your name, they’ll remember your neckwear.
 2. You’ll join famous bow tie wearers like Winston Churchill, James Bond, Fred Astaire, Steve Jobs, and many others.


Should you decide the try this classic neckwear, pair it with simple shirts and pants—the bow tie will take care of the loudness, even with a simple pattern. Be ready for compliments…from both sexes.





Notorious Cat Burglar Spotted in Pasadena

Above is the only known photo of the Pasadena Prowler, a sly cat burglar who has been terrorizing the California city for the past two weeks.  The photo was snapped early Saturday morning outside a home on S. Euclid Ave.

The burglar is still at large and is believed to be responsible for a string of at least 15 robberies over the past two weeks.  His trademark is what authorities are dubbing the “fur bomb,” in which he leaves one item of furniture in the homes he hits completely covered in cat fur.  If you live in the Pasadena area it is advised that you lock up your tuna.

Via gym.king.