In the Month of February! <3

On the days leading up to the fourtenth i’ll be posting alot about loving someone. Everyone wants to be love and be loved, right? Regardless of time, age, and distance we all want to tell them and to let them know how much they mean to us, 

Now i haven’t asked the girl i like yet because of mainly the distance. However that not the only reason i haven’t asked…

Because it’s the scariest thing ever when you realize how much someone means to you. When it hits you, I mean really hits you, all these thoughts and questions rush through your head at once. A sad emotion even starts to creep on you slowly inch by inch as you start to wonder. What if for some reason it didn’t work out?- How are you possibly going to live without them? Someone that was once a stranger is now the only person you know like the back of your hand. Someone you once had no emotions for, now has the power to make you or break you. Someone you never thought you’d love, now owns your entire heart. Whether you like it or not. Someone you once lived without, You realize you can’t live without and you now wish you could hold onto forever.


Even if it breaks your heart to be ‘just friends’;

if you really care about that certain someone, you’ll take the hit. Because if you truly care about them, you’ll want them in your life no matter what. What you give to someone, when you give him or her your heart, is control over your happiness. Their moods and reactions can dictate absoutely wheter you skip out of bed in the morning or are afraid to go home after work. There is no middle groud; the joy is in the surrender.


In all reality I’m not begging you to love me. I’m not really even asking you. But isn’t it alright if I cherish that hope in my heart? If I dream of just holding your hand? It will hurt me–not you. I will try to keep my eyes from shining when I see you, my heart from fluttering when I recieve a message from you or hear your voice, and I promise I will try not to smile a special smile when you say hello. But please, don’t ask me to not love you.”

Image. -Murphy’s lawless


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