This was my week!

Alright, the week is almost over! Since i haven’t posted anything in the way of a explanaiton of what i did over the past week I guess now is a good time as any. 

The Highlights Were:

Going to the yacht club 

Seeing my grandparents

Applying for a nice job (it has more hours then my current one)

Hanging out with my older sister, she’s been at college.  (it’s a bit of a drive)  

Catching up together on films, comics, books, and events

Getting a Android and installing a WordPress app on it

Lining up next weeks awesome pictures

Watching some really old movies

Telling you All about it

: )

  Oh, pictures are worth a thousand words, right?  

It was cold…okay, very cold!

Yeah, that’s almost even the exact type of  phone I got too.

And Here Are The Movies And Comics:

Hoping  you all have a wonderful week!    – Murphy


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