In my early teen years I read a lot of Steven King. I still find much of his work inspiring and enjoyable. My only regret is that now a days I don’t really have to much time on my hands to sit down with a book.


What if you could go back?  I think we all ask ourselves this question.  Probably why time travel is such an interesting idea.  I love time travel, be it movies (Primer anybody?) or in this case, books.  When an author of Stephen King’s caliber decides to tackle the subject, I was quite confident it would be a good read.  King did not let us readers down here.  11/22/1963 is the date John F. Kennedy was murdered in Dallas, so the plot should be pretty obvious.  What King does so well, and what makes the story so interesting, is that this is not just a story about time traveling in an attempt to save Kennedy.  It’s not that easy.  The mechanics of going to the past are unique.  It becomes a tale about humanity, cause and effect, love, evil, and how the universe itself works.  It’s most certainly a tall order…

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