Fun With Public Transportation

Okay, so i’m writing this post from the bus terminal. I just thought that since I haven’t posted in a while and had some free time I might as well put it to some good use. But back to the topic at hand. My day started with waking up early. (well in my case early even with daylight saving time. I’m Still tried.) Then a half hour of trying to find matching socks. (Seriously, a hard thing to do in a family of my size. I have a amazing theory on what happens to them after you toss them in the drier, I’ll tell you all about it sometime.) Anyway, after Finally getting dropped of at the “Office”. (which was the main event of my day.) I quickly finished my work and proceeded to try to find a ride home. However luck was not with me. Both of the family cars were in use. I would be forced to walk the five miles home or I could wait for the city bus to come along.


Okay, so I found the right bus. It seems although I’ll be making two stops. One at the terminal and one at which I’ll need to walk a block to crossover to the next bus which will take me home. Easy right, I took maps. No sweat, I got this. 


Ummm, a little draw back happened. Turns out I grabbed the wrong bus… It’s still cool though, cause the driver said he’d drop me of at the corner and i can get on one which crosses the path of the one I need. 


ALRIGHT, I’m on  the right bus!  I understand why they call it “catching the bus”  better now,  it drove right past me and I had to chase it a block!


 I guesses it’s my fault…  I didn’t tell the driver of the crossover bus where I wanted to go. The bus i was just on Was the RIGHT one. But on it’s return trip… It had already past my drop off point.

So here I am, back at the terminal. I’ve definitively feel like I learned a important life lesson today.  In a little bit my feet will do their job and I’ll be on my way. Five miles? I rested all day.

No sweat…

                                                                                             – Murphy


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