Geek Project: Bad-ass Batarang


I don’t normally  advocate throwing sharp objects at people.

   It never really ends well. But, it’s a different story when a piece of pointy death is actually nerd craft that is made of safe mostly safe plexiglass. Last week i started on this after seeing a article on about making a Batarang similar to this one from the game Batman: Arkham Asylum.

This particular project of mine took about only ten to twelve hours total and was a complete success. It has the ability to snap into the open position with a flick of the wrist due to the placement of  strong earth magnets embeded within the plexiglass. 

I have tried to photo document my work on it as much as possible, enjoy…

Now all I need is years of intense martial arts training; a college level education in criminology, chemistry, physics, electronics and engineering, a british butler, a costume and I am all set to prowl the night.

                                                                       – Murphy





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