Create Your Own Personal Beatbox Group!


Diamond in the rough of the Internet,Incredibox  is a gem that up until earlier tonight, I’d forgotten about completely. To describe this creation as simply a fun time waster is unacceptable. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a stunningly simple, yet beautiful, work of functional art.

Created by SO FAR SO GOOD , a French multimedia and design studio, Incredibox is a uniquely educational music creation tool. While some may find leisure in such a thing (and there is certainly leisure to be had), I find within Incredibox’s goofy and charming design an intriguing opportunity to learn

Incredibox’s elegance is in its simplicity. You begin with one character who is silent and an area printed with an array of symbols which represent various beats, effects, melodies, choruses, and vocals. You can drag any of them to the character and he will immediately begin to play his allocated part, while another character will pop up at the ready. You are allowed up to seven characters on the screen at once, and are able to remove them at will. Needless to say, the compositions become pretty complex pretty fast.


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