They See Me killin’ Trolls, They STIIl Be Hatin’!

So tonight i went and messed with all the people doing the “Now you’ve started reading this, if you don’t re-post this you will die” comments. so far my reply comment has hit 2o likes and 4 re-posts. Here’s what im saying:

“GUYZ!! Guyz, i have a scarier one. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! We live in interesting times. In the past decade, the number of college grads who can interpret a food label has fallen from 40 percent to 30 percent. An American child is six times more likely to know who won American Idol than the name of the Speaker of the House. Reading and writing scores both fell on the 2008 SATs. Not long ago, a high-school teacher in California handed out an assignment that required students to use a ruler — and discovered not a single one of them knew how.

What in the world is happening to the kids?

They don’t know the most basic stuff: who fought against whom in World War II, how many pints are in a quart, and in some cases, the days of the week. (Theyre shaky on the months, too.) They may be taking every AP and Honors course their schools offer, but they can’t tell you who invented pasteurization. (They do know who invented Facebook, because they saw the movie The Social Network.) They spend an average of eight and a half hours a day in front of screens — computer screens, TV screens, iPhone screens. Add in eight hours of sleep and seven of school, and that leaves half an hour when their senses aren’t under siege — just enough time for a shower. Go do your math or


Basically I’m killing the thread while encouraging the kids to find something educational to do….and cause I like messing with people.
-Your friendly neighborhood troll killer,



One comment on “They See Me killin’ Trolls, They STIIl Be Hatin’!

  1. Miss Dilly says:

    I feel there is a bit of irony considering we are reading/writing blogs online now 🙂 But a good point nonetheless. Cheers.

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