#23 of Things I Can Learn to Love: Baby Sloths

Basically my girlfriend was taking about wanting a pet  and since she’s one of a kind she would definitely want a unusual animal. Naturally Kangaroos, Pandas, and Pygmy Hippos were out for obvious reasons. I mean, seriously who is going to keep a hippo in their house?

Billy” and Calvin

 Okay, other then Calvin Coolidge….

Anyway, she decided that owning a sloth would be a wonderful idea. Instantly my brain supplied me with the already acquired knowledge of the animal. It’s diet, slow habits, and lastly the smelly mess it makes…

And so the answer was a emphatic “No!”

But she didn’t give up.  So I went in search of more reasons why not, and instantaneously fell in love, again… well, with the baby sloths.

 You see, I’d never really seen one or looked at one for long enough to say  “Sloths are awesome! ” or “Sloths are *insert funny sounding adjective here* “.

And now I’m so glad she didn’t give up. I mean, have you SEEN how cute these things are?!

                                                                                                                                    – Murphy


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