“WTH?!” Picture Dump

So I was looking through all my picture folders on my computer and I saw a folder just POP up labeled “WTH?!”  

(Okay, fine it was actually just sitting next to “screen-shots” and “asdfsadasd” )

As with most of the things on my computer I KINDA had a idea of what was in it, but then again I thought I KINDA had a idea of how to put up the Christmas lights a few years back and that didn’t go so well… 

I slipped off the ladder shown in the foreground. After hanging upside down for roughly five minutes banging against the house, my sister came out...to take pictures.

Anyway, I (in a fit of daring) opened the folder.

This, Dear reader, is the entire contents. . .

Okay, so I was really wierded out by then. 

Next time I’m going to keep better track of what I download.

                                                                                                                      – Murphy


One comment on ““WTH?!” Picture Dump

  1. kinetikat says:

    That is one awesome collection of WTH, dude! Particularly love the last one – now that is one fine example of twisted bakery! I am so totally going to make those for the next church potluck supper. LMAO

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