MATH. Mental Abuse To Humans





















This might explain my struggles with simple problems as of late…



I actually had a problem like this in my math book.

Turned out the authors thought it might be funny.




Not always, some problems are just  pain free to lull you into the idea that math is safe.



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I saw one of these with the subject of tacos! wtf?



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Below are some links to work sheets and math related articles.


– Murphy

King and Lionheart-Of Monsters and Men. Song meanings? (Old unposted articles #2)

Well, I just think that perhaps she’s the one who keeps him, the King, going on. The Lionheart, the bravery that keeps him from cowering away…  is he one thing that keeps him going and holds him up, her love is what keeps him going, that makes him brave, strong, a King…. She’s what he needs to be the King, his heart, his bravery, his strength, his love, none of it would be there without her… she’s always behind him whatever he does she’s always there to catch his fall, always there to keep him up and keep him strong, always there to save him, help him, keep him safe from himself.

– Murphy

Life, updated. (Old unposted articles #1)

So, I’m back. Contrary to rumors that I died of heartbreak I’m glad to inform you that I was only maimed. Since then I have been through a lot of ups and downs in life. Such as finding a twenty dollar bill in a shirt at Goodwill but then finding out that it was the old mans shirt from the changing room next to me… So needless to say, my life was about as steady as a teeter-totter. One day school is good another day it pours rain and I feel like I’m drowning in it. Well, you get the point anyway.