King and Lionheart-Of Monsters and Men. Song meanings? (Old unposted articles #2)

Well, I just think that perhaps she’s the one who keeps him, the King, going on. The Lionheart, the bravery that keeps him from cowering away…  is he one thing that keeps him going and holds him up, her love is what keeps him going, that makes him brave, strong, a King…. She’s what he needs to be the King, his heart, his bravery, his strength, his love, none of it would be there without her… she’s always behind him whatever he does she’s always there to catch his fall, always there to keep him up and keep him strong, always there to save him, help him, keep him safe from himself.

– Murphy

One comment on “King and Lionheart-Of Monsters and Men. Song meanings? (Old unposted articles #2)

  1. rafatality says:

    I like your theory, but the songs seem to be ordered in some sort of “timeline” of sorts. You see, I think this is a prequel to their last song (Sort of like Shadow of the Colossus, where the prequel is made afterwards). It seems the protagonists, (maybe siblings or good friends) were separated, because it seems they have unique powers. I am with you on the girl being the Heart and the boy being the King. Following, they get separated at the very last, and it ends in a cliffhanger. The King is abducted and taken to some sort of experimental facility, while the Heart escapes her persecutors.
    In the facility, the enemy experiments with the King until they make him the monster seen in the previous video.
    The Heart most likely escapes and finds another “howling ghost” (remember there are various), and helps her into a kind of chrysalis. and into hideout, presumably into space, or maybe hovering.
    The Heart then evolves her powers and becomes adept to these.
    In some way, I think the Heart can “feel” the King, so she starts searching for him.
    In the end, the Heart reunites with the King (now a monster) and they stay together.

    I don’t think it was just metaphor. I think Of Monsters and Men are slowly and steadily building up a story, told in their songs.
    P.S. I’m sorry if you had to read that ridiculous chunk of characters.

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