How I feel the week after thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! (Okay. Yeah,  I know it’s Sunday now but I just hadn’t had a chance to tell you.)

Anyway, if you’re still around reading this now that means you have successfully battled off your food comas and have control over at least a couple of your limbs. But I’m glad that you guys still read my blog every now and then, considering the ever widening substantial expanse of time between my posts.


Valentine’s Day Is Here! Tell Someone!


           Absolutely, One hundred percent just you.



       I liked this movie so much as a kid.


       Do you like me? Yes, No, Maybe.


Actually just yesterday. i sent a good frend who had never gotten any thing for Valentine’s Day some chocolates. It was worth it just to get a text from her saying  “Thank you. 🙂 It was a wonderful suprise. “

Remember, tomorrow isn’t just about the people you’re in love with, but also the people you love.

 – Murphy