Here’s a gun and hot weather for you, kid.

And like lightning from the sky there was a great crackling noise, and suddenly,  standing before you was the Blogger. Do you run? Do you have time to hide? Or do you stand there slack jawed in amazement as  you panic in a wild attempt to do all three at once? For when he returns none shall be prepared.”   – The Book of the Blogger 5:17








Okay, so I was rudely awakened this morning by the sound of an alarm clock and gunfire.

Now before you say “Murphy! You need to pack your stuff and get out of there!” I ought to explain the normal summer routine of the neighborhood kids. You see, since the beginning of the summer they have all been into buying airsoft pellet guns. Anything from the smallest pop pistol to the loudest belt feed turret machine gun. So on this day, unbeknownst to me in advance, they had a “Battle at dawn”.  They were walking around, all padded up from head to their toes and wearing goggles for protection while it was eighty seven degrees out…

“Now thats all nice and funny, but what does this have to do with your return, Murphy?” you might wonder. Well I’ll tell you simply. After my initial waking up I realized it was hot. It was really, really hot. I tried to use the laptop fan to cool off…needless to say, that was a bad idea. After getting a ice pack for my face, I laid down and decided on telling people how wonderful my day has been going. 

How has yours been?

   – Murphy

Nerd Nightly, Episode One.



Sorry for the really long post.  I just felt like sharing this.

– Murphy

And, just to clarify, I don’t approve of  “Edison bashing”.


My Compulsive Cleaning Rhyme


Working 6am till 7 at night, the summer sun is not my light.

I’ve polished mirrors, mopped, cleaned and dusted, even the hinges. (they were all rusted)

I know I get my dues at the end, but I think the job’s messing with my head.

You see, I fear I’ve gone TO long on this jolly cleaning spree.

Because even when I’ve been exausted at six fifty four, someone tracks dirt on my hardwood floor, and I suddenly feel the urge to clean SOME MORE!



Ninjas can’t catch you…or can they?

And a final note:

Beware, ninjas come in all shapes and sizes….


8-Bit Google Maps – Google’s Awesome April Fools Prank



If you were a fan of the Dragon Warrior series on the NES, then you’re going to absolutely love the April Fools prank from Google this year: 8-Bit Google Maps! You can click the Quest button on ANY google map search and convert your bit of the world into an 8-bit quest, with hidden monsters!


– Murphy