Meeting my crush….. O_O

I might get to see my crush that I’ve had for four years on Saturday. The down side to that is that I’ll be skipping a math class and losing about sixty bucks to do it. This is one of those times that I dislike the feelings I have. It would be so easy to just not go see her, however i don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t. God, why does she mean so much to me? Why do I feel the need to be, not just to impress her, but to actually be a better person? It scares me. I’m only nineteen! What did I do to deserve this? However as afraid as I am, I wouldn’t want to be with out her in my life for all the stars in the night sky or the sun in the morning.

I don’t have money for coffee to keep me awake.
I’m going to fall asleep at any time, I can see it.

Also, can it be Friday already.

                                                                – Murphy