How I feel the week after thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! (Okay. Yeah,  I know it’s Sunday now but I just hadn’t had a chance to tell you.)

Anyway, if you’re still around reading this now that means you have successfully battled off your food comas and have control over at least a couple of your limbs. But I’m glad that you guys still read my blog every now and then, considering the ever widening substantial expanse of time between my posts.


It’s Good To Be Back! Here’s My Weekend.

After a long time away from my blog it feels good to come back and read some of the old articles, look at the pictures, and just  to say “Remember when,”.

I got a part time job working at a waterpark, not as a lifeguard, but on the maintenance crew. Which requires working odd hours through out the week. Honestly, some days all I can do is come home and fall asleep on the couch. It seems pulling me away from the things I love.


I saw my wonderful Kitty this past weekend. We cuddled, went swimming in lake, and then laid out on the dunes together. There was a beautiful sunset, then moon was out, I don’t even think she noticed it though. God, everyday I get to see her I’m so happy. It’s like a photograph, my problems fade out in the background and all that’s left is the perfect picture of her.

I wished on a star for you, love.

– Murphy                   ‘

“WTH?!” Picture Dump

So I was looking through all my picture folders on my computer and I saw a folder just POP up labeled “WTH?!”  

(Okay, fine it was actually just sitting next to “screen-shots” and “asdfsadasd” )

As with most of the things on my computer I KINDA had a idea of what was in it, but then again I thought I KINDA had a idea of how to put up the Christmas lights a few years back and that didn’t go so well… 

I slipped off the ladder shown in the foreground. After hanging upside down for roughly five minutes banging against the house, my sister came take pictures.

Anyway, I (in a fit of daring) opened the folder.

This, Dear reader, is the entire contents. . .

Okay, so I was really wierded out by then. 

Next time I’m going to keep better track of what I download.

                                                                                                                      – Murphy

Happy Saint Patty’s Day!!!

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

But many of the people drinking green beer on March 17 will be full of paddywhackery . That’s the word for the act of playing up Irish attributes that are stereotypical to the point of offensiveness: Leprechaun hats, any of these T-shirts and binge-drinking — a.k.a. your typical St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in any town with a university.  However it doesn’t matter! ( I, myself am only 1/8th  irish.  But thats close enough for today.)

And since I’ll be busy tomorrow….

                                     – Murphy  

Valentine’s Day Is Here! Tell Someone!


           Absolutely, One hundred percent just you.



       I liked this movie so much as a kid.


       Do you like me? Yes, No, Maybe.


Actually just yesterday. i sent a good frend who had never gotten any thing for Valentine’s Day some chocolates. It was worth it just to get a text from her saying  “Thank you. 🙂 It was a wonderful suprise. “

Remember, tomorrow isn’t just about the people you’re in love with, but also the people you love.

 – Murphy