My Girlfriends Gone…to Africa.

Basically the title says it all.  My Darling, Kitty, left for Africa this past weekend while I was out on a vacation.  I wish I could have been there to wish her good-bye…

But Hey! Africa isn’t that far, it could always be worse.  In fact it’s not that bad at all! Think of the stories I’ll get to hear when she gets back!

But I miss her and its only been two days! Just knowing that she’s farther away then she has ever been makes me think of her all the more.

 5/31 Edit: She called me today from a airport telephone. Seems to be the easiest way rather then paying massive long distance charges on a cell phone. We talked for a while, she told me that they have to wear rings to avoid being looked at as potential brides. There had been young men in turbans following their small group and the guides wanted to take precautions against suitors asking them if they were married. Haha! She said she would call me later this week if she could. Oh, Kitty, please come back soon.

– Murphy



A Humorous Look At : How To Pet A Cat


  – Murphy

Nerd Nightly, Episode One.



Sorry for the really long post.  I just felt like sharing this.

– Murphy

And, just to clarify, I don’t approve of  “Edison bashing”.


Stargazing and Jack Johnson.



I have always loved looking at the stars in the night sky ever since I was a little child. 

At night I will sometimes walk into my backyard in the evening just to gaze up at them. However, sometimes I forget just how spectacular the night sky can be. The lights along the street where I live kept all but the brightest stars from shining through.

Tonight though the stars were everywhere. The entire sky is 
filled with them. Thousands upon thousands of them were glowing and 
shining with happiness. It was so bright and beautiful. My mouth did one of those things where you smile ever so faintly and then the next thing you know you’re smiling like a idiot and laughing.

As I looked upon them that only one thing could make me happier.  If  Kitty had been with me I would’ve be in absolute joy.  So, Love, this one is for you. I know listening to Jack Johnson is one of your favorite pastimes and stargazing is one of mine, here’s a song with both.

                                                                                                       –  Murphy

Catching Up.


photo non-related

I was doing really well a couple weeks ago with keeping up with this blog.

But once again, I seem to have fallen behind a bit. I apologize for the lack of updates. It’s just… these past few days have been so busy that I didn’t have the time to write about them like I usually do. And believe it or not, it’s actually been a pretty enjoyable couple weeks. Here are some of the good things.

I got to see my girlfriend last week. No, we haven’t kissed just yet. However, I’m sure it will be as wonderful and perfect as she is.

I am currently looking at a job which if I get could give me almost a third more then I’m making now.

My sister is home from college and we have a huge stack of new Sci-Fi books to read and have discusions about.

I saw the new Avengers movie and pronunced it “brilliant!”. (Though personally, I think Hulk was a complete let down.)

I have decided to not begin the next sentence with a “I”.

Seeing as I don’t have anything else to say, I think I’ll be off to sleep now.
                                           – murphy

“WTH?!” Picture Dump

So I was looking through all my picture folders on my computer and I saw a folder just POP up labeled “WTH?!”  

(Okay, fine it was actually just sitting next to “screen-shots” and “asdfsadasd” )

As with most of the things on my computer I KINDA had a idea of what was in it, but then again I thought I KINDA had a idea of how to put up the Christmas lights a few years back and that didn’t go so well… 

I slipped off the ladder shown in the foreground. After hanging upside down for roughly five minutes banging against the house, my sister came take pictures.

Anyway, I (in a fit of daring) opened the folder.

This, Dear reader, is the entire contents. . .

Okay, so I was really wierded out by then. 

Next time I’m going to keep better track of what I download.

                                                                                                                      – Murphy