Meeting my crush….. O_O

I might get to see my crush that I’ve had for four years on Saturday. The down side to that is that I’ll be skipping a math class and losing about sixty bucks to do it. This is one of those times that I dislike the feelings I have. It would be so easy to just not go see her, however i don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t. God, why does she mean so much to me? Why do I feel the need to be, not just to impress her, but to actually be a better person? It scares me. I’m only nineteen! What did I do to deserve this? However as afraid as I am, I wouldn’t want to be with out her in my life for all the stars in the night sky or the sun in the morning.

I don’t have money for coffee to keep me awake.
I’m going to fall asleep at any time, I can see it.

Also, can it be Friday already.

                                                                – Murphy

Stargazing and Jack Johnson.



I have always loved looking at the stars in the night sky ever since I was a little child. 

At night I will sometimes walk into my backyard in the evening just to gaze up at them. However, sometimes I forget just how spectacular the night sky can be. The lights along the street where I live kept all but the brightest stars from shining through.

Tonight though the stars were everywhere. The entire sky is 
filled with them. Thousands upon thousands of them were glowing and 
shining with happiness. It was so bright and beautiful. My mouth did one of those things where you smile ever so faintly and then the next thing you know you’re smiling like a idiot and laughing.

As I looked upon them that only one thing could make me happier.  If  Kitty had been with me I would’ve be in absolute joy.  So, Love, this one is for you. I know listening to Jack Johnson is one of your favorite pastimes and stargazing is one of mine, here’s a song with both.

                                                                                                       –  Murphy

Bourne Vivaldi (Bourne Soundtrack/Vivaldi Double Cello Concerto) – ThePianoGuys

Bourne Identity Soundtrack (“Main Titles”) written by JOHN JAMES POWELL
Concerto for 2 celli, strings, and continuo in G minor RV 531 composed by Antonio Vivaldi
Arrangement produced by Al van der Beek & Steven Sharp Nelson
Arrangement written by Al van der Beek, Jon Schmidt, & Steven Sharp Nelson
Performed by
Jon Schmidt: piano
Steven Sharp Nelson: acoustic, electric, & STEEL cellos; cello-percussion
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Al van der Beek at TPG Studios
Video produced by Paul Anderson & Tel Stewart


Create Your Own Personal Beatbox Group!


Diamond in the rough of the Internet,Incredibox  is a gem that up until earlier tonight, I’d forgotten about completely. To describe this creation as simply a fun time waster is unacceptable. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a stunningly simple, yet beautiful, work of functional art.

Created by SO FAR SO GOOD , a French multimedia and design studio, Incredibox is a uniquely educational music creation tool. While some may find leisure in such a thing (and there is certainly leisure to be had), I find within Incredibox’s goofy and charming design an intriguing opportunity to learn

Incredibox’s elegance is in its simplicity. You begin with one character who is silent and an area printed with an array of symbols which represent various beats, effects, melodies, choruses, and vocals. You can drag any of them to the character and he will immediately begin to play his allocated part, while another character will pop up at the ready. You are allowed up to seven characters on the screen at once, and are able to remove them at will. Needless to say, the compositions become pretty complex pretty fast.